Benefits of Watermelon Messenger

The Benefits of Watermelon Messenger

The Benefits of Watermelon Messenger

Odds are your customer service doesn’t always run as smoothly as you’d like. You can be reached through multiple channels and are often working with a bunch of tabs and apps.  Chats and email conversations get mixed up and in the meantime conversations require repeated consultation with co-workers. But if you’re still not completely convinced you can do better… Here’s 7 reasons to switch to Watermelon Messenger.

1. One dashboard

The landscape of customer contact can be a chaotic one. Switching continually from your Facebook Messenger-inbox to email to Twitter… If you’re a social media manager or customer service representative you’re likely to have a whole bunch of tabs open at any time.

Our goal is to create order from chaos. Watermelon Messenger allows you to integrate all of your customer service channels into a single overview and control all your conversations from the dashboard. At this time we support Facebook Messenger, email and Telegram. Pretty soon we also expect to offer Twitter, Line and WeChat.


2. Work together

Most likely you’ll want to look at and deal with customer service requests in a team. That’s why our system allows you to add as many users as you want.

Incoming messages are listed under New conversations.  These incoming messages can be read by you as well as your co-workers, but you can’t answer them yet. By clicking the text bar, you can assign yourself a conversation and start typing. The chat will then be moved to My conversations. All of your conversations are listed under this heading. As soon as you’ve finished, you can archive your conversation to make sure it is permanently saved.


3. App

The Watermelon app will be launched in Q2 2017. With the app you can manage your messages and conversations anywhere, at any time. Whether it’s at night or during the weekend,  you’ll be able to check for messages at a glance.

Unable to reply? No worries. With one click you can send the message on to a co-worker who can take over from you. You can also send a message internally to your co-workers. It’s all possible with the Watermelon Messenger app.   manage-je-inbox-2-2-e1480010425421

4. Nifty features

In Facebook Messenger, your email inbox or Telegram, looking up previous conversations can be bothersome. In Facebook Messenger, you can only look up previous messages by name. But what was your customer called again?  In Watermelon Messenger you can tag a conversation before archiving it. This makes it easy to find again whenever you need to.

You can also add notes to a conversation. Here you can summarise the most salient points or add a comment or reminder, for yourself or a co-worker.

To make things even easier we’ve also added a Search option. Search your contacts, archive and open chats by word, sentence or name. We’ve also made it easy to look up files you’ve sent or received.

Every file you send or receive is saved to Watermelon’s database and directly added to the Search option at the top of your screen. All saved files are 100% protected to make sure no-one but you can access them.

 5. Notifications

Always be notified of new messages, wherever you are. We’ll make sure you never miss a thing. You can choose to receive notifications through our system, through our mobile app, or by email. With us, anything is possible!


6. Use a chatbot agent

From Q2 2017 you’ll have the option to automate your customer service. You’ll be able to easily configure a chatbot in our system to help you get back to your customers even faster.

Our chatbot technology is currently still in development. Would you like to be the first to integrate our chatbot? Please apply here.


7. A trial version

We understand that many companies need to follow an internal vetting process before they can make a decision to implement new software.

That’s why we offer a trial version. You can add up to two users and 2 social messaging tools in this trial version. 

Are you convinced Watermelon is for you, and you’d like to use the system with more than 2 colleagues or two tools? Upgrade to our Garden or our Greenhouse plan.

 Start your trial


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