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KPN X Watermelon: a collaboration

KPN chooses Watermelon as a partner in the world of chatbot technology. Watermelon has a customer-central software that enables you to build your own chatbot without needing to code. Besides that Watermelon uses personal Customer Success managers to provide their customers with the right guidance where needed. These reasons made a compelling case for KPN, that is why landed with the choice for Watermelon.


Watermelon’s all-in-one online conversational platform has been adopted into the KPN API Store. This is where productmanagers, innovationmanagers and IT-Teams have acces to a one-stop-shop where now also Watermelon’s chatbot technology will be included. Thanks to this, companies can now bring their customer service to the highest level. Not only will they be able to enrich their employee experience, but it is also possible to generate new leads.

Watermelon is not only suited for big companies, but also for mid-market companies and SMB’s who deal with customer service, marketing or HR. Companies will have unique chances in the digital market, now also through the KPN API Store.

“Your business cannot be successful in the fast-moving digital market when your digital innovation stagnates”


The strength of Watermelon

Besides adding Watermelon to the API Store, KPN also sees opportunities to use Watermelon’s platform actively for their regular customer base.

“We believe in the strength of watermelon, as a fast growing, specialist and creative start-up. Their API will help our customers to expand their business and insure customer satisfaction.”

24/7 available

Companies will be able to expand their availability with Watermelon. Instead of operating from nine to five they can expand to 24/7! Your digital colleague will not suffer from disease or have days off whatsoever. Your chatbot will be available 24/7 to your customers.

Prevent repetitiveness

Frequently asked questions from customers, visitors or employees can be automized with a chatbot. Customers can ask their virtual assistant questions when their order will arrive. And your employee can get a quick answer on questions like “How many days off do I have left?”

Pair your chatbot up with multiple channels

Watermelon’s platform can be added to various pages. Such as your own website, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Viber, Google Team and telegram. An integration with a CRM system is also one of the possibilities. This way your customers can be reached and targeted very specifically. Your customer can be helped in a personal and adequate manner.

Create a workflow like no other

Watermelon’s hybrid model will be able to forward the conversation to one of your human employees when the chatbot does not know the right answer. This smooth cooperation between chatbot and live-agent will make sure your customer is helped quickly, with a personal touch.

Reduce your phone calls and e-mails with at least 35%

A chatbot can answer up to 85% of the frequently asked questions. Earlier, an employee would have to answer these questions by telephone or e-mail. Time in your business is precious, so with Watermelon you can spend your time wisely. Besides saving time you will also create more smooth flow by having an extra digital employee.


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