Why your business can’t stay behind on messaging apps

Since the upcoming of Facebook and Instagram, companies have been focusing on mass-and-social media. The most important reason for this is of course, the high reach of potential customers. Messaging apps however seem to be recently taking the lead on size, retention and user rates, and user demographic according to business insider intelligence. The biggest four messaging apps combine a larger user base than the biggest four social networks. Besides that, the user rates of messaging apps are also larger than the user rates of mobile apps. Read more about the shift in online advertising below.


Besides the higher user rates of the messaging apps, the demographics are also extremely valuable to companies. The majority of the users of messaging apps are young, which is extremely important for brands and their advertisements to be aware of, in order to stay relevant. A messaging app provides you with the demographics you value. By doing so you can get a clear persona of your target audience. The demographics that a messaging app provides are not to be compared and unlike any other system.


When your business is consumer-oriented, you focus on the wants and needs of the customers. Your staff will focus on helping the consumers to reach their long-term wants and needs. This way you can satisfy and retain your customers. The monthly active user (MAU) count of the top four messaging apps have grown to 4.1 billion in the year of 2018. The top three messaging apps have an estimated user base of 1 billion, so it seems that consumer-oriented products are working. Social messaging apps are the platforms where people speak to their friends and family. It is a crucial platform in the century we are living in to keep in contact with your loved ones. The importance of the messaging apps is thus immense. As a business you would want to make use of this, and play in on the trend.

Not a simple message system

The first wave of the revolution of messaging and chat-apps were focused on reach. The next phase will focus on the expansion and monetization of their customer base. The messaging apps were once simple services however they have now grown to a platform where people can send GIF’s, share links or even share music. The ecosystem of chat-systems expanded with selectively adding API’s and Artificial Intelligence to the game, this creates a new dynamic within the ecosystem between the  technology and the offered service. This enables you to target your audience in the most specific and detailed way yet. You can give your messaging system a character, and communicate precisely in the way your customer would want you to. Online communication with your customers has never been more personal and comprehensive.

Advertisement made interactive and entertaining

Customers now log in to messaging apps to browse or chat with brands and they can see or read content about the company. The messaging app is advertisement, made interactive. Instead of mass advertisements where consumers feel irritated or disturbed, the sentiments of your customers can now be formed positively by giving them an option to seek for information themselves, rather than it being thrown at them. It can expand to a form of user generated content, since your user eventually adds general information to your chatbot. Entertainment experiences will be added to your advertisements because of the witty answers you can include in to your chatbot. All this together changes the final sentiments your customers have about your company, which is crucial for your brand image.

An unseen trend

Even though the numbers cannot lie, and the reasons for implementing chatbot-related media are compelling, businesses are still behind on the trend. Potential customers are not met this way, and customer-oriented advertisements are not heard of. The types of monetization opportunities that have emerged from the growing audience can be of high influence in your advertising strategy. Marketers and advertisers are still paying more time to social media such as Twitter and Facebook whilst the growth of messaging apps according to Business Insider. The lucrative avenues are missed by these marketers since they will not have direct customer contact, like with a chatbot.

Messaging Apps Have Surpassed Social Networks


In order to make the shift to a consumer-oriented platform, you have to keep several things in mind. Simplicity is key and with the shift from social media to social messaging simplicity peeks around the corner. When shifting to social messaging apps, a unique feature will simplify your business strategy. With a social messaging platform you can centralize all the different platforms you want your chatbot to perform in. This makes it easy for you to see when something is coming in and in what place.

Watermelon’s platform can be linked up with a various amount of channels like Whatsapp, Facebook and Telegram to target your audience best. Be prepared now, and in the future with Watermelon.

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