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These are the customer service trends we’ll see in 2019

It doesn’t matter what kind of company you are – at the end of the day every company has the same goal: bring a product or service to market successfully and generate income.

In the short term, you can probably achieve this goal with any product without needing to be of real value to your customers. If you want to be successful long-term, you’ll need to understand and serve the needs of your customers.

Right now, customers still aren’t getting the level of service they expect. Companies often look beyond the individual needs of customers and only consider the big picture.

Since the world is becoming increasingly more connected, consumers expect more from the places where they spend (or are thinking about spending their money). They want immediate answers and prefer 24/7 availability. Companies continue to struggle with meeting and managing customer service expectations. Have a read through the following customer service trends for 2019 and decide which one will have the most impact on your business this year.

1. A focus on social messaging

It wasn’t too long ago that we were used to communication happening a lot more slowly. The rise of messaging apps cemented the idea of instantaneous communication with other people and with companies. This leads to the typical person having less patience as compared to a few years ago. You can imagine the impact this has on the customer service industry.

Companies are starting to rely more heavily on messaging apps as new channels for customer service. However, many companies aren’t ready to fully transition to messaging apps and ask their customers to still use traditional channels to voice their issues or complaints. In order to survive in the long term, you’ll need to be available where your customers are – whether that’s Twitter Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. These are the channels the world is using to communicate with each other. It’s impossible to ignore social media messaging in 2019.

Maintaining all these different channels means that human employees need help. That’s why chatbots have become essential to a high-performing customer service team.

2. Chatbots are invaluable

The input of human agents is finite, but your customer’s needs will never be. Delivering impeccable customer service is no longer possible without investment in technology. Chatbots are one of those technologies enabling 24/7 availability. Chatbots continue to become more intelligent, which leads to customers being satisfied with the instant response time and the detail of the answers provided. Chatbots are an excellent solution for frequently asked questions, but also for having conversations.

A chatbot can gather a few simple pieces of information from your customers to lead a ‘conversation flow’ without needing the intervention of a human agent. The constant availability improves satisfaction with customer service, and at the same time saves money.

Human agents should get involved when customers have complex questions or issues that the chatbot can’t resolve.

3. Voice assistants change user interaction

We can’t escape our smartphones, and now they’re all powered in part by voice assistants. In 2019 the adoption rate of voice assistants will continue to grow. The way in which we use our devices is changing; adding voice makes operation more personal and more intuitive. Voice assistants will also continue to shape customer service goals – meaning customer service through automated artificially intelligent agents will still have a personal touch.

4. Self-service is the next step

Chatbots will enable self-service, as they make it possible for customers to find the information or answers they’re looking for on their own. It’s of course important that the chatbot is set up to enable self-service, with a complete knowledge base of questions and answers that it must know in order to help customers. A good chatbot should be able to answer 85% of customer questions independently.


The world of customer service continues to evolve at a rapid pace – making 2019 a very exciting year! Since there’s been a shift in what customers expect and what companies can deliver, we’re expecting to see even more (self-service) chatbots implemented. The 24/7 availability and instant answers to questions will keep customers happy.

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