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Promote your new Livechat!

Congratulations! You’ve published a Livechat on your website. Being available via chat brings you one step further on the journey to modernizing your customer service operations. Here’s your next challenge: how do you ensure your customers are going to use the chat on your website? This blog explains how you can help make your customers aware of the benefits of using Livechat on your website.

First things first

Your customers may not fully understand what Livechat is, where they can find it and what the benefits are, compared to other (traditional) customer service channel like email and phone. It’s essential to explain this clearly to your customers so they won’t have any objections to using the chat feature on your website. Use this opportunity to show them the power of chat for customer service!


One of the easiest ways to inform customers of your website’s new Livechat is posting about it on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Your most loyal followers will be active on these channels and will likely be the first to try out your chat and give you valuable feedback. Don’t forget a call to action in your social posts to encourage people to try it!

The new standard

Using Livechat on your website can only be considered a success if it becomes the new standard way that customers contact you. Your chat should get more traffic than your other customer service channels. Drive as many customers as possible from traditional channels to the Livechat.

Consider email signatures or newsletter footers. Use this digital real estate to point out the new Livechat and invite people to try it out. Your newsletter is the perfect place to drive traffic to your website, especially from transactional emails like order confirmations or shipping notifications. This target audience is ideal for Livechat, since they’re already used to being in touch with your business on other channels.

You can also promote your website’s Livechat while people are on hold on the phone. Arguably it’s this group that has the most to gain from getting instant service on your website. Before offering the phone line’s option menu, point out that the Livechat on your site is an easy way to get help. People who would otherwise stay on hold will go to your website instead, decreasing your phone traffic and increasing your Livechat traffic.

Make email and phone less accessible

Another way to promote your Livechat is altering the layout of your Contact page. Your Livechat should get the highest priority on the page; other channels should seem less available. If you provide a phone number as a first means of contact, customers are more likely to choose that option. If you provide a Livechat module first, customers are more likely to start chatting right away instead of dialling a phone line.

If you’re seeking a more resolute solution, you can make your phone number and email address more difficult to find – ‘hide’ it by making it take a few clicks to find. By increasing the barrier to phone and email contact, people will be more likely to use your Livechat as the point of contact seems immediate. It might seems like a drastic solution, but if your chat isn’t getting enough traffic, it might be the right way to go.


These are a few easy-to-implement ways to make your Livechat (even more) successful immediately. Good luck!


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