Integrating a live chat: a checklist

Finding the right live chat tool for your website can be tricky. You have to take several things in to account that in the first place did not seem so important. The market of live chats is emerging and you would want to consider these platforms for your business. But what do you need to take into account when looking for a live chat platform? How do you choose the right one? This article will follow up the several necessities you would want to include when choosing a live chat platform. Where to start when integrating a livechat: a checklist.

1. Pricing

Whether you are an SMB or an enterprise, you need the right pricing for your business. When your business is relatively small, you want to make sure there is the right solution for you. Besides having to maintain your budget, it also needs to fit the needs that come with this budget.

2. CRM integrations

To maintain, retain and customize your customer information from one place you will have to make use of CRM integrations. Getting your live chat to work should not be a complicated task. It should be easy accessible for anyone without knowledge about programming interfaces. This is where CRM comes in, it enables you to work cohesively from one place.

3. Custom fields

You and your employees only have so much to remember. On a daily base, customers will chat with you a lot. To avoid repetition and to ensure a high customer satisfaction it is important to know where the conversation left off and with whom you have spoken to. You might also want to know which company is behind visitor #2325. With the custom-fields addition to your live chat you can register these important details and avoid repetition. While chatting with a customer you cannot only add the company name behind the visitor, but you can also add additional notes or tags. By using this you can pick up the conversation at any time with tremendous detail.

4. Channels

Your target audience might use different platforms than others. This is why you want a chat system that can add their services to any social channel. If your customers for example spend time on Facebook, you want your chat to work there too.


5. Amount of users

Your customer service employees have the right set of wants and needs. When looking for a live chat you want the right amount of users to work with the system. When you are an SMB you might not need multiple users, so why pay for them? Make sure you choose the platform that offers limited or expanded amounts of users that fits your company best.

6. Customer Success Manager

When developing and optimizing your conversational platform, you might stumble upon problems that are not within the capabilities of your own team. This is where the importance of assistance comes in. At Watermelon’s conversational platform the customer success manager comes in when a problem needs to be faced, or when assistance is required. This person knows about your business and the goals you want to reach with your conversational platform. Your problems can be helped and advise can be given by the personal success manager. This will get you the most out of your live chat system.

7. Trial versions and masterclasses

Getting to know the system or experiencing it is important to see if it fits with you. Watermelon offers a free trial version, where you can see for yourself how it works before having to pay right away. Another way to get in touch with the system is by attending a masterclass organized by Watermelon. Here you can get to know the platform, here a success story from one of the customers and get more information about the software.

8. Statistics

Knowledge is key when analyzing your (potential) customers. Important info such as tag statistics, conversational reports, average response time or average conversation time are important to get a clear view of your customer. When choosing a conversational platform this should be one of the key characteristics. Since knowing your customer is crucial in any business.

9. Future-ready

Your live chat is a great way to spark up your customer service, yet to be fully ready and available 24/7 you might want to consider a fully working chatbot. This bot answers repetitive questions automatically and can help guide your customers into the right direction on your website.  The implementation of a hybrid model is also available at Watermelon’s conversational platform. This way, when the chatbot cannot answer the question the conversation will be directly forwarded to one of your employees. Shift from chatting manually to automatically.

By taking these different elements in to consideration you can set up the right choice for you. Hence the fact that some advertisers claim to have everything , while in reality, they miss out on several options that were just named. While you are considering your livechat, you can now make sure you are up to date with the features you might not know you needed.


Want to know more about the different functions of chat systems? Watermelon’s all-in-one platform offers a chat solution for every business.  Find out in an (online) demo what Watermelon has to offer. Start the conversation and click below!

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