How to prepare your customer service for the holidays

The festive season is the most successful time for retailers, sales are exploding and profits are skyrocketing. Your business has to be ready for this time of year yet during the festive season both customers and retailers might find themselves in a pickle of overwhelming tasks, gift-lists and shopping-sprees. Satisfaction is a crucial evaluator of a business and will determine long-term success. Find out how to strengthen your customer service.

Customer satisfaction

The most critical area of e-commerce is customer service, the biggest player when it comes to the satisfaction rate of customers. When customers experience high satisfaction they are obviously more likely to visit your company more often and less likely to be reluctant to share their sentiments with others. When we look at the traditional customer service deck there is the telephone operator who answers calls and questions regarding the product or service offered. The problem, however, is that this telephone operator has his limits, such as time, efficiency and willingness to help the person who is calling. To help out telephonists, online chat systems exist, where a customer service employee can handle multiple conversations at once. Here the problem of efficiency is partially solved, yet the employee still has time and willingness to take into account.

The customer service employee

When talking about willingness there are several factors that might influence the work of the customer service employee. For-example: the repetitiveness of a question that is asked. Frequently asked questions such as ‘will my Christmas gift be delivered on time?’ are very likely to be repeated a lot during the festive season. As humans, we tend to get annoyed or irritated when we have to answer the same thing over and over again, even if it is our job. The person affected by this is the customer and their sentiments about your business.

From nine to five to 24/7

Another disadvantage of a traditional customer service desk is the fact that it is only operating from 9-5, instead of 24/7. We are currently in an economy that is always online, even for the night owls browsing for last-minute Christmas gifts. People who tend to shop around 9 to 5 hours (for instance because they have to work) cannot be easily helped with their questions. This again fills them with a more negative sentiment than your competitor who can deliver them the right information directly.

Make your customer service holiday proof

Now you might be wondering how this problem can be solved, and how your company can be ready for the holidays and their business. Astonishingly there is a quite clear answer to this dilemma.

Chatbots can change the world of e-commerce by giving the customer service desk a 24/7 operating system that does not have to deal with problems such as willingness, efficiency and time since it is operating automatically. By giving use to this technology within your company the holidays get a lot clearer and less stressful to your employees while customers can be helped 24/7 with their questions. Time is spared, no one gets frustrated with the holiday stress and repetitiveness is handled with automated answers. Even the questions about the delivery time can be answered fully automatic with a webhook module. The easiest way to fill your chatbots brain with information from your own systems.

Watermelon can provide you with a chatbot that meets your expectations and can help you master the festive season. Check out how other companies optimize their customer service with a chatbot.

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