And the service award goes to…

And the service award goes to…

Last month again saw the handing out of the annual Opiness Service Awards. Fourteen companies were awarded the prize for delivering the best service in their sector, judged by their own clients. Time for Watermelon to check out the ins and outs of this year’s awards!

Best Online Department Store: Bol.com
Grade out of ten: 8,6

2017 sees Bol.com receive the award for the third year in a row. Their super speedy delivery, wide range of products and prompt and satisfactory handling of customers’ questions earned them an allround grade of 8,6. No suprise then that the online store is praised for phoning back – on a Sunday night – about an external seller who haven’t handled their business properly. But Bol.com also handles negative comments in a friendly and professional manner.

Bol.com positiefBol.com negatief

Best Airline Ticket Seller: Vliegtickets.nl
Grade out of ten: 8,9

Quickly finding what you need, clear and easy booking, friendly staff and low prices: Vliegtickets.nl is a site which knows how to win the loyalty of its customers.

Oops: a very troubled customer. Vliegtickets.nl responds within a day with an explanation and a solution. 

Vliegtickets negatief

A previously unhappy customer indicates that her problem has been solved thanks to the efforts of a service employee. 

Vliegtickets positief

Best Small Webshop: Italiëplein
Grade out of ten: 9,8

With what nearly amounts to a 10 out of ten, Italiëplein is the uncontested winner in the small webstore category. The webshop offers high quality products and impresses with its speedy and personal delivery.

Opiness.nl indicates customer reviews about the pizza shop are overwhelmingly positive.

 Italieplein positief

And on their own website, queries or remarks also receive a quick response.

 Italieplein negatief

Best Large Webshop: Fuif.nl 
Grade out of ten: 9,7

For the second year in a row, Fuif.nl is awarded best service in the large webshop category. The website which offers personalised party invitations, complemented with its perfect service, is much appreciated.

And yes, except for one small item of feedback, everyone is very happy with their service. 


 Fuif 1


Best Internet Provider: XS4ALL
Grade out of ten: 7,9

XS4ALL gets top marks for the expertise and friendliness of its helpdesk staff. Yes: just as they promise in their adds and on their Facebook banner. If you visit their Facebook page, the first thing to catch your attention is a picture with the tagline: ‘Good service. A matter of honour’.  

Unfortunately, not everyone seems to agree. But the helpdesk of XS4ALL responds the same day.

XS4ALL negatief

  And there are plenty of happy customers, too!

XS4ALL positief

Best Telecom Provider: Youfone
Grade out of ten: 8,9

Thanks to pricing, their app and their customer-friendly service, Youfone has earned their Service Award for the second year running. Managing your telecom plan is a matter of minutes and the staff is always helpful and friendly.

Publicising the news on their Facebookpage leads to mainly positive reactions, but unfortunately also one negative comment. But Youfone responds the very next day like true professionals.


Best Online Bank: Knab
Grade out of ten: 8,7

Just like last year, Knab has snatched up the award in their sector. Customers are particularly happy with the online possibilities, personal service, and the providing of clear information. Their ‘top class service’ is praised in the comments.

When it comes to questions, Knab responds almost immediately:Knab negatief

Knab positief 

Best Insurance Provider Allround: Ditzo
Grade out of ten: 7,8

Ditzo gets high praise for its online features, its website, chat and social channels. Managing every aspect of your insurance is fast and easy.

Unfortunately, their Facebook page shows a lot of people who seem to disagree. But Ditzo always responds within twenty-four hours and tries to find a satisfactory solution. Happily, they usually manage to do so!

Ditzo negatief       

 Fuif 1

Best Health Insurance Provider: UnitedConsumers
Grade out of ten: 8,8

Best Energy Provider: UnitedConsumers
Grade out of ten: 9,1

UnitedConsumers are going home with not one, but two awards this year! This company’s customers are particularly pleased with their product and with promises always being lived up to. And should questions arise, there’s always someone to help answer them. Also the possibility to save up for a future discount when purchasing multiple products is seen as a big plus.

Their reviews seem to mostly contain a lot of questions. These are usually responded to in a timely and helpful way. 

United vraag

And there’s also room for compliments:

United compliment

Best Car Insurance Provider: Allsecur 
Grade out of ten: 8

This is the fifth consecutive year for Allsecur to receive the award. Staff is viewed as very friendly and helpful, and promises are always met. And to top it all off, the free winter checkup is seen as a real treat!

Problems are handled as quickly as possible. 

Allsecur negatief

  And the high standard of service is appreciated.

Allsecur positief

Best Airline Company: Transavia 
Grade out of ten: 8,4

Transavia is especially valued for their low prices. The Transavia staff gets praised and are the reason for the airline taking home the Best Service Award this year.

Appreciation for the staff is also reflected on Transavia’s Facebook page. And when a particularly cranky customer turns up, a humorous response defuses the situation. 🙂






Best Tour Operator: Holland America Line
Grade out of ten: 9,1

This cruise operator wins the award for their excellent crew, who obviously complete the experience. 





Best Supermarket: Picnic
Grade out of ten: 9,7

Newcomer Picnic receives a 9,7 for its quality, convenience and prices. They receive special praise for their easy app, punctuality and the friendliness of their staff.

Their pesonal approach is highly valued, as their Facebook page shows. 





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