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Frequently asked questions in customer service: how to deal with them

At Watermelon one of the most frequently asked questions by our customers is, well, how to deal with frequently asked questions. Your customer is in need of answers that fit their need, and they have probably lost faith in the sentence ‘your call is important to us, please hold’ the moment minute twenty strikes. In this blogpost you will read how to deal with the FAQ’s and how to better your customers’ experience.

Why the right customer service is essential

Customer service has become the new marketing. It is the place where your customers formulate their opinion about your brand. If your customer’s needs are not met, they will bounce faster than installing cookies on their device. We no longer have a captive audience; they do not need to schedule in their favorite show into their agendas or set a timer at six anymore. This is why your audience expects you to perform 24/7, fast and adequately. If you don’t, they will tweet about it in seconds for the whole world to see. According to Lee Resources, 80 percent of businesses claim to have an exceptional customer service. Only eight percent of customers agree. Because of poor customer services, US businesses missed out on $62 billion according to research from NewVoiceMedia. 51 percent of customers are never willing to do business with a brand after experiencing a bad customer service even once. This illustrates quite the image when it comes to the importance of a good customer service.

What are FAQ’s?

Whether you call it an FAQ, a Q&A, a knowledge base or a help center, every company has one. This page consists of the information your customers most frequently look for and it opens the gate for customers to contact you. Your FAQ page educates your customer about your product and transfers website visitors into paying customers. The key to having a well-functioning FAQ-page is to update the page regularly. Prevent your information from gathering dust and make sure the info you’re providing to your customers is as good as your product itself.

Besides having an FAQ your customers also need to speak to someone to get help, for when their question is not answered by the page on its own. During peak times this can be rather overwhelming, and customers are not likely willing to wait a long time for the right answer. An FAQ is the beginning of your customer service, yet the principle of it is rather outdated. When repetition is on the rise, and customers can not find the right answers they will bounce from your brand without thinking twice.

How to handle peak times and address FAQ’s

Every business relies on different methods and tools when it comes to customer service. Of course, there is no magic wand that will diminish all of your difficulties, yet there are tools to increase your customer’s (and customer service employees’) happiness.

1. Use categories

The category of your customer’s question can differ quite widely, from questions about shipping information to actual product features. By categorizing the incoming questions, you know in what direction to look when in need of an adequate answer. Besides that, you also know what kind of questions about what type of service are being asked and you know in which category appear the most questions. Make sure your FAQ is user friendly and keep it up-to-date for your users to get the most out of it.

2. Save your answers and queries

The thing with repetitive questions is, well, that they repeat themselves. Yet why would you not repeat the answer? By saving your brightest answers you spare yourself the effort of coming up with new answers on the spot, every question again.

3. Know your peak times

In order to be fully there for your customers, you need to have the right staff at the right time. Prevent your team from stress by deploying extra service agents during busy hours. Create a strategy in your customer service, where availability stands central, so all your customers get heard.

4. Provide open communication to your customers

How often have you tried to reach a company, only to end up in a waiting list or on hold. It often occurs that customers call a company for a quick question about a product or service but end up in a pile of other calls while being placed into a waiting list consisting of annoyance. This waiting list goes under the name of ‘your call is important for us, please hold’. The frustration that goes with this waiting list is not knowing when you’ll be assisted. Will it be one minute? Or thirty? Only the mighty people of customer service may now. This is why you want to be open with your customers. Spare them the frustration and be honest with them. Tell them it is busy and that it might take a bit longer or tell them how many more minutes they have left.

5. An automated approach

Far out the biggest improvement for your customer service is an automated chat, or chatbot if you will. A chatbot deals with repetitive questions on its own, by using its own smart data base. It can handle multiple conversations at the same time, while still answering immediately and adequately. A chatbot handles peak times better than any employee, yet your customer service still works as a collaboration between human and technology. Instead of replacing your customer service team, empower it. Answering the same question over and over again, may sound fun but believe it or not, most people are not fond of it. Technology, however, loves it! Chatbots even excel in it.

Conversational platform

Watermelon’s conversational platform also offers a hybridity by forwarding the chatbots conversations to your human employees when your customer is in need of some personal assistance, or when your chatbot cannot get to the right answer straight away. With features like an EyeCatcher, notifications and statistics you will never miss an incoming query. Our personal Cxhub offers integrations on various social channels like WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger. No more switching between platforms, integrate everything into one dashboard with Watermelon for a complete conversational experience.

While your customer service agents are sliding towards boredom, answering the same set of questions over and over again, your competitor has a cost-efficient and enthusiastic digital co-worker standing by his side. In order to fully optimize your customer service, and meet your customers’ demands, you need 24/7 availability.

We would like to tell you more about the Watermelon virtuele asisstent in an online demo. Request your free demo today.

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