Why free chatbot tools dont work2

Why free chatbot tools don’t work

The recent breakthroughs of technology introduced AI in to the work field. Multiple companies make use of this by integrating chatbots in to their website and social channels. Chatbots dominate the field of conversational services and customer services.

When considering a chatbot for your customer service there are several options you might consider, when doing a quick Google search you will stumble upon many options and different kinds of services. A lot of the providers claim to be free and simple however, in reality, this turns out not to be the case. Read further to find out why these tools don’t work.


There are many phases and features a chatbot has to go through before becoming fully capable, yet there is also the manual guidance and assistance that we as users want to make use-of in order to have a well-functioning chatbot. This manual guidance might get complicated for the user who is not that familiar in the world of Artificial Intelligence. This is where experts lend you a hand to assist you with optimizing your AI. The importance of assistance is that you can solve a bug, alter an answer of your bot or change a feature with the help of assistance within minutes, sometimes even seconds however if we ought to do this by ourselves we might lose valuable time. Time in your business is almost as a currency, valuable and you want to obtain the most of it. This is why you want your chatbot to be user-friendly. Free versions claim that they are, when in reality the common customer-service employee will not understand the complexities a chatbot could bring with its existence.


The amount of channels you can use within a chatbot-system is crucial, because you want the chatbot to perform on the channel that fits your customer best. Free platforms however, only offer limited options. This way you can only target your customer on the selected channels, even though your customer might not even be on them. When you want to target your customer the first step is to identify their habits. When one of these online habits is to surf on Facebook for an X amount of hours, you want to make sure that your customer can be reached on that same platform.

Machine learning

Another con is that most unpaid chatbot services do not consist of machine learning. They are not so much artificial intelligence yet rather simple question and answer machines. This means that they are only capable of answering a certain combination of letters instead of being able to recognize a whole question. The problem with chatbots without machine learning is that they do not provide you with the information you are looking for. Chatbots with machine learning however, can recognize words in a sentence and than provide the fitting answer from their database.


In businesses chatbots can improve overall efficiency by quick and adequate answers, yet when the chatbot is not simple nor efficient to use, it will only cost your business time and efficiency. Another problem with free providers is the amount of bugs within the system. When not having any assistance because you are using a free program, bugs cannot be solved with the help of the system operators and there is not an efficient way to deal with these yourself. This again will cost you time, even though the whole reason of procuring a chatbot is most likely because you want to save time, not have less of it.


Paid chatbot providers do not have these complexities. When getting a paid chatbot system you will have the guidance you might need and the right people to get you through the system. Besides having people to help you with the technical aspects you can also learn how to adopt a chatbot in the most efficient way for your company, and you will know how to set up the chatbot in a way that fits your company and brand image.

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